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Southglenn Country Club has developed the following Rules and Regulations to accommodate the requests of Members and their guests wishing to bring and consume Beer and Wine alcoholic beverages while using the amenities at Southglenn Country Club. These Rules and Regulations reflect Southglenn Country Club’s concern for a responsible approach to the consumption of alcohol on its premises.


  • Beer and Wine are permitted. No hard alcohol or spirits are allowed.
  • Persons must be twenty-one years of age to consume alcoholic beverages. If minors are present, all steps must be taken to ensure that they are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. It is the sole responsibility of the person bringing alcohol on the premises to ensure no minors consume alcohol.
  • Alcoholic beverages must be consumed only in quantities that allow responsible drinking.
  • Members accept full responsibility for their guest’s strict adherence to these Rules and Regulations at all times.
  • Southglenn Country Club management staff shall have the full authority to confront individuals who are visibly intoxicated, are not individuals who are identified as legal drinkers, or are exhibiting unruly or drunken behavior and may assist individuals who they have reason to believe will attempt to drive while intoxicated and make other arrangements at the patron’s expense.
  • Southglenn Country Club management staff shall have the right to refuse service and eject any members or guests who do not follow these rules.
  • All Members agree to follow and accept full responsibility to strict adherence of these Rules and Regulations by signing their Annual membership application.
  • Southglenn Country Club, based on its sole judgment and discretion, reserves the right to take any disciplinary action up to and including revoking of a membership as required if any of the Alcoholic Beverage Consumption Rules and Regulations are violated and/or not adhered to.

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